Children’s manicure

children's manicureChildren’s manicure is a relatively new trend in modern manicure. Manicure is done for children under 14 – 15 years, mostly girls.

Recall yourself at the age of five. With what delight we consider the mother’s “jewels” in the form of colorful bottles of nail polish, brilliant and shining instruments for manicure, files, nail scissors, lipsticks, eye shadows, bottles of perfume and so on. At this age many girls try on mother’s dresses, lipstick, paint nails. Each girl wants to grow up. Finding such surprises from the beloved children in the house after work, mothers respond differently. A wise mother will know that a little girl wants to be like she is, to become as beautiful and well maintained. Then the mother takes everything into her hands. There are two ways out: to take daughter to a beauty salon for kid’s manicure or to do it at home. In any case it will be another opportunity to talk with daughter, to become even closer, to become the best friend.

Many beauty manicure salons offer children’s manicure. In addition, they offer discounts up to 50%.

manicure for children


Trendy, colorful kid’s manicure will certainly please any girl. She’ll be proud to boast fabulous nails in front of her friends. Elegant manicure on children’s fingers teaches the girl to the care of their appearance.

Another advantage of manicure for kids is that the girl does not want to spoil bright cheerful picture on the nails. Thus, a little lady doesn’t have a desire to bite nails. And that affects many children. According to studies approximately 25% of children aged 7-10 years bite nails. And in 12 – 18, this bad habit extends to 40% of children. To wean the child from the nibbling should be under the age of 10 years. This will help to teach to take care of nails. That is, children’s manicure to wean the child from this habit. Because children nail art serves as a toy for girls that do not want to destroy and spoil.

manicure for kids

Manicure for kids is very popular among mothers and among young trendy ladies. In the salons masters do European manicure. The surface of the baby nail is not polished as the nail plate is not formed. Since children’s skin is very delicate, blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, thus masters take all the precautions.

First, children’s hands are treated with special antiseptic spray.

Then file nails with a special file. Some babies do not tolerate vibration the files, so nails can be carefully cut off by nail clippers. Just not up to the base. Remove burrs with the same cutter. They occur at childhood and cause discomfort and skin irritation. Clean the free edge of the nail. Then polish the edge of the nail (just the edges!). Children’s cuticles are not removed. It’s traumatic. You can apply means of dissolving the cuticle or balm for hands and nails.

A gentle massage of hands is done with child cream. Children really like paraffin.

Nail polish is applied with parental permission. Before that nails are degreased. Masters use special children’s polish, which is absolutely safe. There are children’s polishes, which have a bitter taste, so the child does not bite nails. This polish has water base and easily washed off by washing your hands with soap and water. It happens that parents allow six-year old children to glue tips or what is more to make nail extensions.

kid's manicure

You can hardly find a girl at preschool age who has not tried to polish nails independently or with the help of adults. But the fact that such a procedure should be carried out by experts, it is necessary to lay in the mind since childhood.

There are significant anatomical and physiological features of the apparatus of the child nails, which dictate the technological steps of the master. The motto of the children’s manicure is a classic tenet “Do no harm.” Human nails are formed during fetal life of the so-called primary germ-nail plate. Nails in this period grow very slowly, so by the time of birth nail plate barely have time to cover the nail bed.

The structure of children’s nails differs from that of the nails of adults. children’s nails are rich in water, which provides good flexibility of nail plates. With age, hormonal development affects the nails. Thus, children’s manicure is applied to a child of 14-15 years. By this age nail is fully formed. In addition to differences in the structure of the nail plate, children nail is characterized by extremely delicate and thin skin of nail ridges and a thin cuticle.

In principle, manicure for kids remain the main stages of the usual manicure, but some of them are skipped (eg, nail surface is not polished)


  • treat nails with antiseptic
  • file nails (not recommended to cut out the free edge)
  • remove the dirt from behind the free edge
  • if the skin is dry and there burrs, dip hands in a bath with soap and water
  • apply oils
  • form cuticle line with an orange stick (cuticle is not cut!)
  • cover

Manicure for children is a great way to combat Onychophagia – biting nails and skin around them.

Children’s Onychophagia is fairly easily treated with nail art, because for the child it is an interesting toy that is always with him. This is particularly effective way for children to 10 years old.

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