Chinese Nail Painting

chinese painting on the nailsThe beginning of a new century is associated with a particular interest in Eastern culture. This interest is expressed in the design, colors and even Chinese nail painting. Many are tired of the abstractions of colors and textures on the nails. And would like naturalness and simplicity, comfort and harmony in all things. Natural motifs and traditions of world cultures and lessons on Chinese nail painting can perfectly help in this situation.

Perceive the world positively and feel organic in this world is only possible in the natural environment, and Chinese painting on nails fully reflect this. Indeed, the main components are beautiful flowers.

Chinese greenhouse is rich in luxurious lilies and delicate roses, lilacs and quivering velvet magnolia, peony and a nice lotus, chrysanthemum and inimitable original daffodil. Live and credible Chinese painting on nails is unique in the variety and beauty that inspires artists to create new designs and enables any client to pick up your drawing, right style and color of the dress.

You should know that the Chinese technique of painting on nails use flat brushes and acrylic paints, and do everything quickly and accurately. This painting is a drawing with 3D-surround effect. This is not only the petals of flowers, and ornaments, landscapes and still lives.

The main tools of Chinese nail painting is a flat brush, creating three-dimensional flowers with buds and elegant multi-layered petals. Chinese painting is available for both beginners and those who are professionally engaged in design of nails. Often the painting is an arbitrary figure, but with the help of technology of transition from one color to another it recalls painting, with its colorful reflection of reality in the most vivid colors. The basis is the two-color smear, which creates a surround effect.

chinese nail art

Not so long ago there were two schools of nail design in China, which are specialized on Chinese painting. In these schools the most talented students studied the secrets of Chinese painting on the nails. In the course included features of brushes and paints, setting of the hands, the use ofcomposition rules for building and realizing the idea of ​​drawing on your nails.

Later Chinese nail painting came to Europe in a simplified form. Special courses of painting were created, which took much less time and were available even for beginners in nail-art. Today, Chinese painting on nails is trendy and returns to the origins of technology. After all, fashion should be done in a professional manner.

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