Flaky nails: causes and treatment

flaky nails causes and treatmentThe problem of flaky nails is quite common today. There are a lot of reasons for having such a situation. But do not despair. Flaky of nails can be cured, though you would have to spend some time.

Causes of flaky nails

One of the main reasons for flakery is lack of calcium in the body. In order to fill its need you have to take calcium with vitamin D, because calcium by itself is very poorly absorbed by the body. It is useful to also use products such as nuts, cabbage, cheese, as well as fish. Sometimes shortage of silicon may cause flake nails. In such cases most often eat green beans, lettuce, bananas, currants and parsley. Also you should replace lack of iron in the body. You can add in the diet liver, lean meats, fruits, eggs, vegetables and legumes. To eliminate the shortage of vitamins you may take special vitamins, which include nutrients you need.

Often the cause of flaky nails may be long stay in wet environment or exposure to detergents and cleaning products. It should be remembered that when in contact with any chemicals better wear rubber gloves to protect your nails as well as skin from toxins.

Flaky nails treatment.

No less important point in the treatment of flaky nails is nutrition and hydration of nails with different vitamin-enriched oils and creams to the cuticle. Apply to cuticles should be of circular massage movements 2-3 times a day.

Olive oil is one of the most effective means. It is rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances for the nails. To achieve the desired result, olive oil with a little lemon juice are applied on the nails. Then put on a special warming gloves and leave overnight. Also very useful are the bath for nails with crystals of sea salt. Such procedures you should make about 2-3 times a week. To do this, dissolve in warm water a teaspoon of sea salt and dip the hands for 20 minutes. Procedure should be repeated 10-15 times.

Manicure with flaky nails is best to do as rarely as possible, about 1 time every 2 weeks. It is necessary to follow certain rules. If you remove nail polish, the nail polish remover should always be free of acetone, since it very dries nails. Nails need to “rest” from the nail polish at least 3-5 days. When you do a manicure, it’s better not use a metal nail file. They often lead to flaky nails.

Pick up nail polish that mechanically strengthen the nails. They usually consist of fibers of silk or nylon. There are also special therapeutic varnishes that contain minerals, vitamins, humectants and proteins. Protein significantly strengthens the nail plate, as well as moisturizing agents. Remember that proper care of your nails can completely lose the problems with flaking.

That’s what you should know about flaky nails: causes and treatment.

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