Gel Nails or Acrylic Nails?

gel nails vs acrylis nailsWhat is more harmless?


Condition of nails after you decide to remove the material depends on the skill of a master and the quality of materials. All the three stages are important : building-up, correction and removal of the nail. A particularly dangerous moment is during aligning boundaries with tips is important not to damage the “growth zone” of a nail.

Gel nails

Plus. Gel is a porous natural polymer, it allows air to go through and makes your nails breathe. Moreover, nails continue to grow under gel, and cease to stratify. To harden gel needs a UV lamp and UV treatment prevents the appearance of the fungus.

Minus. The procedure of hardening nails under the UV lamp has a downside: a photochemical reaction that is accompanied by allocation of heat. And when the gel is removed, it should be deleted by a file or a machine, which can injure the nail.

Acrylic nails

Plus. There is no methyl methacrylate in quality acrylic, a very toxic material, because of which the nails become hypersensitive. Now it is replaced by a non-aggressive etilmetakrill.

Minus. Even high-quality acrylic does not pass air , and after three weeks it should be removed, to let your nails breathe. In addition, the acrylic cover requires special filing and grinding, and this dust is very and smells unpleasant and can cause allergies.

What is more convenient?


On artificial nails polish lasts almost indefinitely, the cuticle does not grow, almost not necessary to care for nails. If the nail is broken, it can be restored. As to the materials – gel and acrylic has its supporters.

Gel nails

Plus. Gel is “self Leveling”, i.e. when applying it on the nail it spreads out and becomes flat. In addition, it has the same elasticity as the natural nail and moves with it. Therefore, the artificial nails are not eliminated. And the nail polish can be removed with acetone.

Minus. Gel on forms is more brittle than acrylic, and can easily break. And gel cover can not obtain, you can only do harm.

Acrylic nails

Plus. Acrylic on forms is stronger and more durable than gel.

Minus. Acrylic is poorly distributed, so after applying it to long dub and grind . Nail polish remover with acetone dissolves acrylic so you can remove polish only without the use of acetone.


What is more beautiful?


How nice to have artificial nails, everyone decides for himself. Some advantages are obvious: building corrects ugly nails and gives a nice color to nails. The remaining delights for an amateur: glitter inside, rhinestones, nail piercing.

Gel nails

Plus. Gel nails strongly shine, do not become yellow even after a lot of time and have a perfectly smooth surface.

Minus. You can not put a lot of glitter into gel. First, because of the gel structure, they may be poorly distributed, and secondly, it will prevent UV to dry gel.

Acrylic nails

Plus. Acrylic has unlimited color options. For fans of nails can make pink, gold, silver, multi-colored.

Minus. Acrylic initially dull and not shiny, even polishing does not give such effect as that of the gel. And over time it can begin to turn yellow.

Ideal technology “Acrylic gel.” Acrylic in the first layer gives the nail strength, and the second layer of gel gives shine.

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