How to: Bear’s paw nail art design

Posted on: November 12th, 2011 by Annie

how to bears paw nail art designDo you want to make a simple and exclusive design? Then let’s draw bear’s paw on the nails!

To do this simple nail art at home we need prepared for the drawing surface of the nail, red polish, nail glitter, dots, black polish. And of course patience and perseverance. To help you in this can a comfortable chair, decent lighting, air conditioning and of course a good mood!



  1. First, do regular French with red polish.
    how to bears paw nail art design 2
  2. Denote glitter smile line using the nail with a fine brush, or just a thin brush.
  3. On a red background with black polish begin to draw the foot, as shown on the picture. The required space fill with glitter.
  4. We cover the entire nail with fixative.
    how to bears paw nail art design
  5. Our picture is ready.

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