Popular nail shapes

Nature has endowed each person with his/her unique shape of nails, but specialists identify sixteen basic shapes, which popularity from year to year decay and then burst. In the process of manicure master gives the nails one shape or another, considering not only the fashion trends, but also professional occupation of people, their preferences and the shape of fingers.



The most relevant today are five main shapes: rounded, square, oval, round and pointed nails. Choosing the shape a master pays attention to the location of the cuticle. The most ideal would be an option when the tips of the nail reflect cuticle.

square shape nails

Square nails have been relevant for many years. Short nails look well-conditioned in rounded shape. This shape is convenient in everyday life.

oval shape nails

Oval shape is considered to be an ideal. It is suitable for women with beautiful delicate hands. Such nails can be polished with nail polisher of any color. Thin delicate hands look great with nails of pointed shape.

pointed shape nails

Square nails with rounded ends look very elegant. Experts remind us that properly selected shape of the nail can visually lengthen the fingers.

rectangular shape nails

Oval and flat nails can be given any shape, convex nails can be of rectangular shape, and the holders of short fingers in any case should not choose a rectangular shape which visually shorten fingers.

rounded shape nails

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