Shellac manicure: advantages and disadvantages

shellac advantagesShellac manicure is one of the most popular new products in the world of beauty and fashion.

Of course, the classic procedure, there will always be relevant and in demand among millions of women. However, new trends in nail periodically please excellent half with innovations that can help you emphasize your style.
Modern beauty salons today can offer women shellac manicure, created by CND (Creative Nail Design). This is the first product that combines both polish and gel in one bottle. The main color scheme includes twelve unique colors. Some salons alsonuse in its performance of 24 colors that can mix and get a greater range of sophisticated solutions.

Shellac nail polish has liquid texture and is resistant to external factors. It did not increase the weight of the nails, combining strength and lightness of a gel polish and simulate the nail plate, which is not characteristic of ordinary means for nails. It is applied like a normal nail polish, thats why ease of use is also an advantage shellac manicure.

Among professional masters this kind of manicure is called permanent, and it is not accidently. After all, it is able to hold onto the nail plate for about fourteen days, absolutely without losing the original look and integrity.

It’s not a secret that shellac manicure is not a cheap procedure. Just when you think how much money you spend on everyday trips to beauty salons, and for how long this care will last  you are likely to understand the difference, and the cost of the procedure with the use of  shellac gel nail polish seem accessible and for some people profitable. Therefore, if an ordinary polish shortly after the application starts peeling, and you have no free time for regular visits to beauty salons, you will be seduced by shellac manicure.

The procedure itself using the shellac technology  takes a little longer than ordinary manicure and has its own characteristics. The process of applying shellac includes several steps:

  1. base layer
  2. colored polish that is applied twice
  3. fixating layer

In addition, each separate layer dries under the ultraviolet lamp. Monolithic layer formed as a result, will last long, maintaining the shape and shine. Also, you forget about the possible cleavages, which, unfortunately, earlier could  bring  you a lot of inconvenience.
Another significant advantage is the ability of shellac to strengthen nail plate, making it hard and strong. This cover may be applied and as a basis for using simple polish. To remove it we need only nail polish remover, sold in any cosmetics store.

Unfortunately, like most other treatments, shellac manicure  has certain disadvantages:

  • because of its high cost, most women are still committed to the classic manicure;
  • this procedure is not practiced in all beauty salons;
  • this type of manicure can not be done at home. Therefore, when applying the gel and its removal will need to seek professional help, although, unlike acrylic nails do not need to file down a thick layer of funds.

Despite this, it’s safe to say that shellac manicure advantages covere with a vengeance its disadvantages, anyone can use shellac because it is completely hypoallergenic.

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